Exciting News!

The Stuffed Prepper is now live on social media. I’ll be blogging, chatting, and posting awesome ways to stay on top of prepping. I will deal on topics ranging from food storage to bug out vehicles; the topics are brought from the fans of the show. We’ll hit almost all topics even if they are sensitive to hear. Prepping is a skill that everyone does on a day-to-day basis. Go ahead and laugh. If you really think about it, you prep every morning before you leave for work; you get the right clothes on for the weather, you pack your lunch, you ensure sure the kids are ready. These are forms of prepping and we don’t even think about it. Our minds do it naturally because we’re conditioned from years of practice. There won’t be anything different from your mindset when you start prepping for the disaster.
“Disaster” – it’s a word that has so many meaning to so many people. Take for example; a toddler spills his goldfish on the floor, that’s his disaster. A teenage girl gets her iPhone taken away because of bad grades, that’s her disaster. To an adult, not planning out a festival and everything going south is a disaster. Getting the point yet? So you are going to hear the word “disaster” used in The Stuffed Prepper podcast a lot. Letting the listeners know upfront that what I believe to be the “worst case scenario” may not be for some listeners.
During this podcast, there will be references to religion. You should know that I believe in one God and one heaven. However, that does not mean that I’m going to push religion on you. I’ll give my standpoint and listeners that want to explain their views are welcome to email the show and we’ll talk civilly. If the topic gets a lot of feedback, it could become a future topic on the podcast.
Going further, I will like to beckon on mothers/fathers that are listening to my podcast or reading over the information I’ve provided, to teach their children to prep the fun way. Not all drills and practice runs need to be in a high-pressure environment. Make games out of the training; discuss every item in the 72-hour bag. Ask them questions about the items. Have them guess what it’s and what it’s used for. A family that stays together and understands each person’s role during the disaster will overcome anything thrown their way.
Everything that I talk about in the podcast will be posted on the website http://thestuffedprepper.com. Use this as a reference site for picking up ideas. Make sure you follow me on Facebook to receive the latest podcast.